Frequently Asked Questions



  • When will DHB release details of new foundations for TC3? Click Here
  • Are insurance companies waiting for DHB?   Yes
  • Are we trapped while the authorities decide the future of our land?  Yes
  • The big question how does one preserve their equity? Take legal advice
  • Is Brookhaven above sea level? We have been told Brookhaven has sunk the Estuary has risen, according to a graph in The Press in June showed Brookhaven lower than Bexley. After 23 Dec we read the estuary has risen another 14 cm. Click Here
  • If I have to demolish a property, is there anything I need to do regarding my wheelie bins? Click Here


*GeoTech investigations commenced in Brookhaven in early February 2012.
Rig arrives in Delta Way Rig in backyard Drilling underway

Preparing 2nd probe in front lawn Probe underway Size of drill

AMI have scheduled approx 15 so far and the number is expected to rise as people look at their options and make decisions..  Work will be progressively undertaken during this month and through the winter.  After the investigation a report is made and sent to Arrow. 
The next step usually is a structural engineer is engaged to recommend and design suitable foundation. 
How does one get to GeoTech Report you may be asking?  This is a general overview based on feedback from residents who are AMI/Arrow International clients.
  1.  EQC determines that your house is overcap.
  2. Private insurers make contact with homeowner to advise your property will be managed by their Project Management Office (PMO) e.g. AMI uses Arrow, IAG use Hawkins etc.
  3. PMO visits property and generates a scope of works or detailed repair analysis  (this is additional to EQC scope).
  4. Draft report on the scope is sent for property owner to check and advise variances.
  5. Redraft of report by PMO to include changes or variations.
  6. Recommendation is made by PMO to private insurer as to Repair or Rebuild.
  7. Owner is notified and repair or rebuild options are presented.
  8. If PMO recommend a rebuild and property owner wishes to rebuild on existing site, Geotech is ordered by PMO.


If I have to demolish a property, is there anything I need to do regarding my wheelie bins?

The kerbside collection wheelie bins belong to the property they were allocated to. Each bin has an address label on the side with the property's address and a serial number linking the bin to the property.

Contact the Council's Call Centre (03) 941 8999 or 0800 800 169 and advise when the dwelling on the property will be demolished and when the wheelie bins need to be removed.

The bins will be removed by the Council's kerbside collection contractor and returned once the property has been rebuilt. There is no cost for this service. Source