We were hit by Big Earthquakes on

  4th Sept 2010 7.1 M      
    22nd Feb 2011 6.3 M    
      13th June 2011 6.4 M  
        23rd Dec 2011 6.0 M

(Flooding, liquefaction, broken sewers, no power, no phones, no water. damage houses, impassible streets)

Our land was Zoned Orange 23rd June 2011
(needs further investigation)

 We are Green Zone TC3 Blue 28th Oct 2011
(Green Zone needing "site specific" solutions for moderate to severe damage)

EQC Releases Land Report 26th July 2012

Let us follow our suburb - wait for the next step on the journey

(We can't walk away, we can't sell, some can't live here, when can we rebuild or repair?)

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