Our Journey



When it started!  4th Sept  then again 26th Dec
1 4 Sept 2010 7.1 Magnitude
You Rocked our World "WOW" we had never experienced anything like this in our lives - Brookhaven was blessed this time, but we all suffered lots of breakages etc
114 26 Dec  2010 4.9 Magnitude
10:30 am
Centred under the city centre this caused more damage than was first thought to many building that eventually collapsed on 22nd Feb 2011.


YEAR 1 22nd Feb, 13 June, 23 Dec






22 Feb 2011 6.3 Magnitude
12:51 pm
This hit us hard!  
  • liquefaction,
  • flooding,
  • no power,
  • no water,
  • no sewer,
  • no phones,
  • impassible streets
- Brookhaven will never be the same again!
4 25  Feb 2011 Power Back Nice to turn on TV and see what was happening, with street impassable and my radio broken
14 7 March 2011 Roof Roof repairs made $3,000 - EQC would not pay it was over $2,000 but later re-imburse
14 7 March 2011 Water Back At last water back for some of us
54 16 Apr 2011 5.3 Magnitude  
64 26 Apr 2011 Doors Finally have some internal doors working again - necessary with winter approaching
80 12 May 2012 EQC Inspection 1.30 to 4:30 pm
112 13 June 2011 5.5 Magnitude
1:00 pm
6.4 Magnitude
2:20 pm

Two big ones today

  • More liquefaction, flooding,

  • no water,

  • large sink holes in road again

118 19 Jun 2011 Water Back  
121 22 Jun 2011 Orange Zone Because of damage as a direct result of the magnitude 5.6 and 6.3 earthquakes which struck on 13 June, Brookhaven and many other areas were put in the ORANGE ZONE until adequate assessment of land could be obtained.
133 4 Jul 2011 Arrow House Assessment
154 25 Jul 2011 Now its Snowing As if there earthquakes are not enough

now we wake to a thick blanket of snow,

can see any of the potholes and that makes driving difficult.

Even need gumboots to get to portaloo on the traffic island!

167 Early Aug 2011 Sewer Back For some of us this is quite a relief!
175 15 Aug 2011 2nd Snow Fall - Two snowfalls in one year.

 - Polar blast brings chaos to Christchurch

 - most stay home,

 - little is open

246 25 Oct 2011 AMI Letter from AMI we are deemed Repairable
249 28 Oct 2011 Green Zone TC3 Many were shocked to hear, after being told Brookhaven had an area wide problem and expecting to go red, and then to be reclassified GREEN ZONE in BLUE TC3 category
259 7 Nov 2011 FBRA Meeting Ferrymead Brookhaven Residents Assn meeting held at Samoan Church hall in Woolston 6:00pm
266 14 Nov 2011 CERA Meeting Woolston Working Men's Club  6:00-8:00 pm
267 15 Nov 2011 AMI House now Rebuild - because of the land
269 17 Nov 2011 CERA Meeting Woolston Working Men's Club 11:00-1:00 pm
305 23 Dec 2011 6.0 Magnitude
3:18 pm
Just as things are winding down for Christmas - here we go again! With most on Christmas break we were given little info but there was even more damage sustain, and that is just coming to light a month on........


YEAR 2 2nd Jan then the assessments start
315 2 Jan 2012 5.5 Magnitude
5.45 am
It is now 2012 and quakes have not finished with us yet
319 6 Jan 2012

Seismic Briefing

GNS Science and Tonkin and Taylor addressed closed meeting a good summary can be found here
16 Jan -
1 Feb 12 

Waste Water

Stronger Christchurch is flushing and checking all pipes in Brookhaven area to ascertain the state of the infrastructure in the area
339 26 Jan 2012

Land Assessments

 EQC Land assessments complete, reports coming by April  Source
344 31 Jan 2012

Community Meeting

 Community Meeting for Ferrymead Brookhaven Residents with CERA/EQC/AMI/IAG/CCC    Summary
347 3 Feb 2012

GeoTech TC3 Land

TC3 properties GeoTech work on foundations assessment to start in March Source
1 8 Feb 2012 AMI - Arrow Settlement agreement To Rebuild - Decision for demolishing and rebuild on same site is possible - signed
8 15 Feb 2012 Arrow/Golden Homes Start building plans subject to GeoTech, surveyors report and flood levels being determined.
27 5 Mar 2012 Arrow/Golden Homes Further meeting
29 7 Mar 2012 Arrow Site inspection regarding retaining some landscaping
58 5 Apr 2012 AMI to SR AMI was sold to IAG so all claims now handled by Southern Response (SR)
79 26 Apr 2012 Geo Tech Still weeks away
81 28 Apr 2012 DBH Foundation guides TC3 Foundation Guides released today
104 21 May 2012 Variation 48 They need to determine if section is above flood level
136 22 Jun 2012 GeoTech-Pro Drill Core sample taken through concrete drive  to 16 metres deep all sand.
149 5 Jul 2012 Endorsement AMI (SR) Files sent for agreement with EQC this is holding up further progress
154 Jul 2012 Geo Tech Report Report sent for final review
157 13 July 2012 Southern Response Confirmation to SR that we agree with EQC that100% claim was 22 Feb Quake
209 3 Sept 2012 Geo Tech Report Still awaiting final review
220 2012 YouTube Earthquake Recovery CRAP a nice little summary  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-fu3Ec0Geo
223 17 Sept 2012 Project Manager Request for new PM refused
255 19 Oct 2012 Geo Tech Report Still awaiting final review
276 9 Nov 2012 Geo Tech Report Still awaiting final review


YEAR 3 A year of waiting
364 5 Feb 2013 Geo Tech Report Finally released.
366 7 Feb 2013 Foundations We were informed - wooden floor with detached garage - we challenged this decision
367 8 Feb 2013 Change decision We are now allowed “Firth Re-levellable concrete floors”, which is a concrete slab and a rib raft.
400 13 Mar 2013 Shallow Geo Tech This is necessary to determine design of concrete slab
409 22 Mar 2013 Meeting Arrow/Builder Curve ball from this meeting was a change of rules choices now - Replicate or Build to Budget. This after being told by Arrow the we would need to eliminate the hips in roof and opt for a simpler design as well as choose light weight materials, no brick or concrete tiles as we currently have.
422 4 April 2013 Golden Homes Costing received for "Replicate" -  Also requested "Build to Budget" price.
Southern Response initially agreed we could change 1 internal wall using the same footprint - then they changed the rules. The Build to Budget plan we submitted same square metres, L shape (removing most of hips in roof) and putting all plumbing on one side of house. Arrow suggesting we had to have polystyrene cladding the builder refusing to build with it, we don't want it!
438 April 2013 EQC Land Assessment Only minor land damaged noted
453 5 May 2013 Replicate Decision Documents signed to Replicate - we were then informed we could make NO changes - not even a light switch. Build to Budget price was received and legal advice sort - both came in at same price, so Build to Budget option plans submitted.
457 9 May 2013 Change to B to B On the basis that the Build to Budget has come in at the same price as the replicate
461 13 May 2013 Signed off Plans were signed off today - told expect 5 working days
461 13 May 2013 EQC Land Results Land damage less that minimum excess - no payout
476 28 May 2013 Firth Engineers 12 days still no plan confirmation! Now they can't proceed until Firth Engineers decide if they can design a foundation for our plan. That decision we are told is weeks away! Will we get the plan we submitted or will we have to start again?
497 18 June  2013 Foundations Arrow are insisting on Firth Foundations builder want to use their own - result arrow foundation - builder above ground.
505 26 June 2013 Ombudsman Lack of progress considering taking case to Insurance Ombudsman
516 7 July 2013 Plans Plan simplified removing hips from roof and putting plumbing to one side - likely to be more acceptable for consent.
525 16 July 2013 Meeting SR Arrow Oh the rules have changed yet again (the goal posts have moved) we can no longer Replicate - because we have a brick house and brick is not longer allowed on TC3 land. With legal advice it became necessary to sign a new (second) MOU this time agreeing to Build to Budget, with SR/Arrow costing our DRA and builder submitting price for simplified house plan removing the hips in roof and making plan L-shaped within same sq metres.
542 2 Aug 2013 Southern Response Supply new figures for DRA giving us a Build to Budget price
545 5 Aug 2013 Golden Homes Require details of Window Glass current film cannot put on new double glazing as it would void warranty
553 13 Aug 2013 Golden Homes Supply figures for Build to Budget - $12,000 difference with DRA
556 16 Aug 2013 Golden Homes Minor changes needed in plans expected back in one week - still not back
562 22 Aug 2013 Southern Response Requesting me supply Golden Homes pricing when it has already been sent to Arrow - because of a rule change the Project Manager has not opened it.
571 31 Aug 2013 Golden Homes Going back to Arrow for clarification on some points
575 4 Sep 2013  Arrow International Still waiting on confirmation from QS

Residents still suffering from 'quake-brain'

GREY MATTERS: Quake-brain has got worse for many as the earthquake recovery reaches its third year.

Article in "The Press"
by John McCrone
14 September 2013
Click Here

The stresses of living, the waiting, the rule changes, the processes, the delays, lack of answers, how do you move forward, life on hold for nearly 3 years now!

594 23 Sep 2013 Arrow International Prices yet to be agreed - we need to WAIT for a Project Manager to be appointed (thought we already had one!    Oh No! Rules changed again!)
595 24 Sep 2012 Southern Response Email Case Manager - Automated Response saying she has left - sent email to address provided no response. Wait 3 days
597 26 Sep 2013 Southern Response Ring - call put through to Settlements - advised now rebuild team and repair them - Repair Team failed to return my call - it would appear we have no Case Manger for now!!!
598 27 Sep 2013 Southern Response Finally spoke to Rebuild Team manager who gave me name of a new case manager. The case manager then gave me name of a new Arrow Project Manager. - Another step forward we hope!
609 8 Oct 2013 Southern Response/Arrow
Meet new Case manager and new Project Manager with view to handing over project from Southern Response to Arrow for rebuild. Arrow could not make it!!!
610 9 Oct 2013   With work being reassigned in Arrow the communication with Golden Homes is non existent at present - can this be sorted before the rescheduled meeting so things can move forward!
616 15 Oct 2013 Arrow International Finally we get to meet our new Project Manager ahead of our meeting, he visited the property to get an understanding of our situation.
618 17 Oct 2013 Southern Response/Arrow
So we met our new Case Manager and the Project Manager but the builder failed to supply the necessary details for us to confirm figures and proceed. We were advised to contact SR Temporary Accommodation Team to start the process for accommodation, we were given a choice of removal and storage contractors to start getting quotes, we were told to get in touch with EQC re carpets and drapes. Yet still no confirmed way forward.
619 18 0ct 2013 Accommodation We have been offered 2 bedroom townhouse with flexible start date probably Feb/Mar for 6 months - it is such a relief!
625 24 Oct 2013 AMI Insurance We receive a bill from AMI for our house insurance - we have just been told by SR our house is a right off - how do you insure something that is of no value? We are told the premium has been discounted because there is a claim against the property, that we need to pay in full and once demolition certificate is issued balance of premium will be refunded.
626 25 Oct 2013 WE WAIT A week on and still NOTHING - no word from builders or project manager, how long before we get to next step??
630 29 Oct 2013 Golden Homes Past Labour Weekend now, still nothing - try to contact project manager no reply, went to visit builder who told us he had been waiting since August for B2B (Build to Budget) figures from Arrow to enable him to proceed
631 30 Oct 2013   Sent email to all parties - we are assured that that figures will be sent from Arrow to Builder TODAY - this is not our job we are client, but if we do nothing it just drags on!
632 31 Oct 2013 Arrow International Turns out Arrow don't have the figure and are still waiting on Q S and that dates back to 2nd August - 3 months to update B2B figures!!!!!
633 1 Nov 2013 WE WAIT We were promised updated figures would be sent to builder by today and we would be informed - but nothing!
636 4 Nov 2013 Legal Advice On legal advice we requested access to files from Southern Response under the terms of the Privacy Act
637 5 Nov 2013 Arrow International Updated figures for B2B now back from QS being sent to Southern Response for sign off.
639 7 Nov 2013 Southern Response Email say figures will not be available until Mon or Tue because our file is with administration
643 11 Nov 2013 Southern Response Figures have been emailed today - but builder still does not have a copy.
646 14 Nov 2013 Golden Homes Builder confirmed documents received - says they will have an answer by Mon 18th
651 19 Nov 2013  

We asked "Is the figure given sufficient to build our house?" the reply well we are still waiting.................

658 26 Nov 2013 WE WAIT Who is holding us up, is it Southern Response, Arrow or Golden Homes or a combination of all 3?
Would changing builder help? What can we do to move things forward -  we just want to get on with it?
661 29 Nov 2013 Golden Homes Failed to deliver in 48 hr deadline with updated pricing - its now 72 hours and no one at company can be reached!!


it's December Still waiting - now 7 working days later - can you feel the frustration!!
    Al Nisbet



The Press
5 Dec 2013

668 6 Dec 2013 Golden Homes Visit Golden Homes to be told - it is back with Arrow to sort price out. Email sent to all parties
669 7 Dec 2013 Southern Response Our Files from Southern Response finally arrive in 23 working days - Required within 20 working days!
671 9 Dec 2013 Meeting We have asked for a meeting with all parties before Christmas, Insurance\Project Manager\Builder\Lawyer\Ourselves
672 10 Dec 2013 Arrow International FINALLY our case has been escalated to top level for Arrow QS and Golden Homes QS to sort out price.
674 12 Dec 2013   No news yet
680 18 Dec 2013 NO MEETING
we asked for!
NO DECISION from TOP LEVEL of Arrow and Golden Homes
so the wait goes on and on!




YEAR 4 Welcome to 2014
699 6 Jan 2014 Project Manager Due back at work 6th Jan or so last message before Christmas said - waited until Wed then rang everyday until 14th and no reply, left messages as well - nothing.
708 15 Jan 2014 Southern Response Rang case manager - yes your Project Manager is back I'll leave him a message to ring.  What a great start to the year!!!!
709 16 Jan 2014 Southern Response/Arrow Still no word from Project Manager, so rang case manager again, this time we got an answer - the contract manager they are waiting on is on leave until next Monday - so now we know - it took 10 days to find that out.
772 29 Jan 2014   Lawyer requested meeting of all parties Insurer, Project Manager, Builder
723 30 Jan 2014 Arrow International New Project Manager appointed
  31 Jan 2014 Arrow International Meet new Project Manager - finally acknowledgement that we have been let down and failed by the system - things will now move forward with promise of about 2 weeks to contract, 4 weeks to consent after finalizing the foundations, agreeing on price and get working drawings. It will take16 weeks in consent to demolition and then 26 weeks to rebuild
  6  Feb 2014 Southern Response Letter outlining our EQC contribution required when the contract is signed
730 7 Feb 2014 Arrow International New PM rang as promised said we can expect our contract to sign next week, then consent and expect build to begin 20 weeks after contract is signed.
734 10 Feb 2014 Arrow International Contract approved and ready to sign - quick visit to Golden Homes to clarify details - it has been 9 months!
741 17 Feb 2014 9 months from sign off of plans to signing Contract - unbelievable!
742 18 Feb 2014  Meeting all parties Contracts Manager-Southern Response, Project Manager-Arrow International, Golden Homes Rep, our Lawyer, ourselves meet at Southern Response and signed the Contract.   
4/6 weeks for working drawings then to Consent
749 25 Feb 2014 BNZ Paid EQC money to Southern Response (required within 10 days of signing contract)
752 28 Feb 2014 Demolition Meeting Meeting on site Arrow Demolition Team and contractor, also Project Manger for H & S briefing.
755 3 Mar 2014 Golden Homes Final decision about Outside Colours for house made and signed off today.
769 17 Mar 2014 Golden Homes It is now 4 weeks since working drawings were due - but no - MORE DELAYS, we can expect them in 8 weeks now! They state by 17 April. Patience wears thin. Are we likely to be in our home by next Christmas?
772 20 Mar 2014 Arrow / Golden Homes Confirmation from Project Manager that Working Drawings will take another 4 weeks!!! due to out sourcing - overload 8 Weeks in all!
779 27 Mar 2014 Golden Homes Consent Manager at Golden Homes made contact - sent copy of PIM
780 28 Mar 2014 Golden Homes Obtained copy of plans - changes agree to and signed as part of Building Consent not made to bathroom.
783 31 Mar 2014 Golden Homes Apologies and missed changes now incorporated in plans.
790 7 Apr 2014 Golden Homes Resource Consent granted - needed because we are in Flood Management Area
800 17 Apr 2014 Golden Homes It is now 800 Days since we signed the agreement to Rebuild. Working drawings due today but nothing!!!
      Easter Weekend followed by ANZAC Day we lose another 10 days!                 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.....days!
811 28 Apr 2014  Golden Homes Finally we go to CONSENT but not before one last sting - the house had to moved 100mm to the west because roof was too close to fence, until we pointed out fence was on Right of Way - then they said it was OK. Maybe 6 to 8 Weeks.......
813 30 Apr 2014 Arrow International Demolition date set as 23 June 2014 - Time to sort out Temporary Accommodation, book the carrier.
814 1 May 2014 Landlord Confirmed 2 bedroom apartment in central city.
814 1 May 2014 Trends Kitchens Meeting to discuss kitchen plans
828 15 May 2014 Trends Kitchens Received plans via email - price over 50% more than PC sum allocated.
835 22 May 2014 Trends Kitchens Difficult to talk to. Contract say Roxx benchtop (told similar price to TriStone) but were quoted Laminate, soft close door and draws not included in price but GH said we would get them.
839 26 May 2014 Golden Homes Now 4 weeks since Consent went in and NO communication from Golden Homes despite being promised regular updates.
841 28 May 2014 Golden Homes Meeting with Project Manager and GH to discuss Kitchen.
842 29 May 2014 Golden Homes Consent is granted! Just 29 days (4 weeks, 1 day) that is great! We were told 8-16 weeks
848 4 June 2014 Golden Homes Meet the Construction Supervisor. Confirmed demolition date for 23 June 2014.
856 12 Jun 2014 Trends Kitchens Kitchen plan is looking good
863 19 Jun 2014   Move out today - temporary accommodation for 30 weeks! that's 9 January - we feel it will be Feb before we are back
867 23 Jun 2014  

Handover date - beginning of demolition process - so the next stage of the journey begins..
2 years 5 months since we signed contract to REBUILD 8th February 2012!!!!

870 26 Jun 2014 Trends Kitchens Another meeting re kitchen - progress being made
871 27 Jun 2014 Safe  Power "Power Has Been Removed" sticker on window
874 30 Jul 2014 Mac Developments House now fenced
878 4 Jul 2014 Mac Developments Garage door removed, heat pump removed
883 9 Jul 2014 Mac Developments Doors and windows removed
888 14 Jul 2014 Mac Developments Demolition Day - kitchen removed, roof tiles removed, batts removed - then DEMOLITION
890 18 Jul 2014 Mac Developments Section now cleared
894 22 Jul 2014 Surveyors Set out new house today
903 29 Jul 2014 Faulks Excavations for foundations started today to depth of 500 mm below ground level
908 3 Aug 2014 Faulks Back fill now completed
910 6 Aug 2014 Mr Box Foundations started today and could take 4 weeks.

Mr Box fast, no fuss, start to finish foundation solution that is 100% reusable boxing and stake fastening system - good for environment.

916 12 Aug 2014 Arrow Meeting with Project Manager to sort out stalemate with kitchen progress
916 12 Aug 2014 Firth Concrete Jacking slab of concrete laid today
918 14 Aug 2014 Trends Kitchens Signed off on kitchen today
918 14 Aug 2014 Mr Box   Jack now being attached to foundation
920 16 Aug 2014 Mr Box Jacks completed, more polythene and polystyrene laid as jigsaw continues.
922 18 Aug 2014 Mr Box Polystyrene completed, all plumbing pipes installed
923 19 Aug 2014 Mr Box


Steel springs surround the jacks which are bolted to jack slab, polythene is placed between slabs to allow separation, reinforcing steel is added.
925 21 Aug 2014 Mr Box,
Devi Heating
Rebates installed ready for concrete pour, all inspected by engineer,
cables for under floor heating laid today!
926 22 Aug 2014 Firth Concrete 6 am Concrete pour begins - drama only 2 of 3 zones of under floor heating installed - concrete poured what can we do?
Solution from Devi Heating to " Channel in" missing section.
929 25 Aug 2014 Mr Box Boxing removed
930 26 Aug 2014 Mr Box Foundations finished - section cleared.
931 27 Aug 2014 Hansen's Drain layers arrive.
932 28 Aug 2014

Devi Heating

Lounge area marked for "Channel in" heating.
933 29 Aug 2014 Hansen's Drain laying completed - 2 obstructing trees removed.
939 4 Sep 2014

Devi Heating

Channel for lounge heating pad cut
950 15 Sep 2014

Devi Heating

Element installed
951 16 Sep 2014

Devi Heating

Element sealed
959 24 Sep 2014 Wall Framing Finally steel frames is being erected - today walls
960 25 Sep 2014 Roof Framing Roof framing
968 3 Oct 2014 Fascia & Gutter Fascia & Gutter installed today - this is the first colour of our new house
979 14 Oct 2014 Roof Roof started - this is 10 day behind schedule. Like colour, looking good.
982 17 Oct 2014 Roof Finished Looking good!
983 18 Oct 2014 Windows & Doors Waiting for windows due 10 Oct now due 6 November another months delay!
988 22 Oct 2014 Deck Our Builder agreed to build a composite deck - great news
1000 3 Nov 2014 Plumber Plumbing put in walls today
1002 5 Nov 2014 Wilpower Electrical Meeting with electrician and discussion on lights, power points etc
1002 5 Nov 2014 Wrap Finally the house is becoming enclosed. Spoke too soon see below  
1003 6 Nov 2014 Window Frames
by Bradnams
Most window frames arrived today - but no glass, rest by 12th - glazing by 18th Nov!! Suppliers running out of materials - aluminum & glass....
1015 18 Nov 2014 Bradnams Unable to deliver balance of windows - lost steel for bay window in transit. It is now week 10 and windows usually take 4 weeks - run out of steel and glass!!
1017 20 Nov 2014 Bradnams Delivery final door and bay window but DISASTER they drop window on delivery to the site and its a complete write off SO another 2 weeks delay
  We are now into week 22  since we moved out for a 30 week build with these delays its looking like 42 weeks-10 mths!
1023 25 Nov 2014   Install battens for outside cladding while we wait for windows to be glazed onsite.
1024 26 Nov 2014 Trends Marked out Kitchen
1025 27 Nov 2014 WilPower/ Bradmans Started wiring. 
Back door in, a few windows glazed
1026 28 Nov 2014 CCC Passed the flashing inspection from CCC now outside cladding can begin
1027 29 Nov 2014  
Birds found nesting in rafters
- glazing is taking soooo long.
1031 3 Dec 2014 Bradnams Replacement Bay window finally in. Glazers arrived to deliver some glass
1033 5 Dec 2014 Wilpower Wiring has started. Glazing almost completed, bay window board up to allow batts to start.
1034 6 Dec 2014 Cladding Finally the cladding is put on in just one day.
1036 8 Dec 2014 Batts Ceiling batts going in today
1037 9 Dec 2014 Garage Door Garage Door installed, batts completed - house is now closed in........................
1038 10 Dec 2014 CCC Pre line inspection passed. Gib fixing and stopping scheduled for next week.
1045 17 Dec 2014 Gib Fixers Gib Board going up today
1046 18 Dec 2014 Gib Fixers Gib Board finished - next a council inspection in the New Year
1052 24 Dec 2014 4.0 Magnitude
7:43 pm
Christmas Eve we are rocked by 2 quakes 2nd 3.3 magnitude at 8:43 pm how the memories come flooding back!


The year of SNAIL PROGRESS but nevertheless progress..............


YEAR 5 Welcome to 2015
  6 Jan 2015 Gib Stoppers Inside is being prepared for painting
  12 Jan 2015 Plasters Outside cladding is being prepared for painting
  20 Jan 2015 Internal Doors Internal doors have been hung but glass panel doors are not as ordered
  20 Jan 2015 Inside painters With windows sealed with plastic can see little
  23 Jan 2015 Outside paint At last we can see the chosen colour - it was so long ago had forgotten what it looked like.
  27 Jan 2015 Plasters finished Yes outside is looking good - clean and crisp.
  28 Jan 2015 New Style Blinds Curtains measure - we managed to get a brief look inside
  28 Jan 2015 Vanities Vanities are now installed
  29 Jan 2015 Ground Work Concrete measure design and shape
  29 Jan 2015 Designer Dirt Decide on 2 smaller decks and front lawn
  4 Feb 2015 Site Meeting Golden Homes Project Manager, Arrow Project Manager, Ground Work, Designer Dirt and us to discuss ground levels and general layout. We felt levels were all wrong and the house was below original ground level in back corner. We were assured it would all work out.
  4 Feb 2015 Trends Kitchen arrived and assembly began
  4 Feb 2015 Tiler Tiles being put around bath and then splashback in kitchen
  5 Feb 2015 Showers Showers installed and vitroglaze applied
  12 Feb 2015 Fences Perimeter fences have gone in preparation for driveway and paths
  12 Feb 2015 Planking Planking is down in foyer, living and dining room
  12 Feb 2015 Kitchen Kitchen is almost complete, bathroom tiles & Kitchen tiling done, lights being installed, ensuite heating and tiles in.
  13 Feb 2015 Carpet Carpet is being laid today, not happy because electrician and plumber are not finished and drive and paths not in.
  13 Feb 2015 Letterbox They agreed to replace our damaged letterbox
  13 Feb 2015 Finally a date We have been out of our house 35 weeks now and finally we are given a tentative date for handover - just another 35 days on 20th March 2015
  18 Feb 2015 Designer Dirt Excavations for deck
  19 Feb 2015 Designer Dirt Deck base is down today
  23 Feb 2015 Designer Dirt Composite Timber Decking by Gracol - eco decking.
  24 Feb 2015 HomePlus Wardrobe fittings installed
  25 Feb 2015 Ground Work Paths and drive due to start today but 7 days delay ahead!
  26 Feb 2015 WilPower Air Conditioning unit install
  3 Mar 2015 Ground Work Excavation for concrete starts
  4 Mar 2015 Arrow International Walk through with our Project Manager - this is the first time we have been allowed inside the house - Golden Homes quoted Health and Safety Regulations.
  5 Mar 2015 Ground Work Boxing going in for paths and driveway
  10 Mar 2015 Cleaners House professional cleaned on inside - does make a difference from our last inspection.
  11 Mar 2015 CCC Compliance granted
  12 Mar 2015 Golden Homes
Arrow International
Official walk through after which Certificate of Practical Completion was issued
  12 Mar 2015 Carters Finally internal glass panel doors arrive - GH ordered correct doors, Carters delivered wrong ones - took 51 days - still need painting and hardware...........
  13 Mar 2015 WilPopwer Alarm & TV aerial installed
  14 Mar 2015 Ground Work Half concrete poured - around the back and side was - concrete level with decks - this is disappointing because the house was dropped 500 mm in ground when specs said 300 mm in ground and 300 mm above ground. Something we will have to live with. Paths are above foundation level in many places and only gained compliance because they are 400mm out from building.
  15 Mar 2015 Cyclone Pam Spent many anxious days wondering if this will delay final concrete pour tomorrow, just 5 days before handover. All accommodations payments cease at handover, even if the drive and paths are not in place. I do not want to move in before drive is down.
  17 Mar 2015 Ground Work Final half of concrete poured today - what a relief with just 3 days until handover.
  18 Mar 2015 Painter Internal glass doors being painted also window seat, around garage door.
  20 Mar 2015 Handover Day What do I say - it was unreal - nothing like we imagined- GH & Arrow PM went through the motions of handover - with so much unfinished - even the garage door opener had not been installed, so many things we had asked for not done.
An hour later we had garage door opener fitted, then the letter box was installed, plastering under doors and windows completed, but not painted. The curtains and blinds were installed. Waited all day 8 hrs for Spark, (Chorus) only to be told everyone had gone home.
Did we feel the house was ours - not really.........
  21 Mar 2015 Chorus Spark (Chorus) finally turned up at 8.30 am - just one day late announced phone was connect but we had no dial tone and no data. New data sockets - had to borrow an adaptor from neighbour and finally got phone working - needed to get electrician back to sort out data.
  22 Mar 2015   Where to start - the outside was supposed to be cleaned, the Air Con unit had been filled with soil during shaping of paths, we expected it to be cleaned but no.
  23 Mar 2015 Roofer Downpipes installed, disappointing that each pipe left 4 holes in plaster from temp pipes installed for concrete to be poured.
  24 Mar 2015 Wilpower Electrical Finally had data and phone lines sorted, just need computer to set up broadband, technology is changing and no one explained changes to switches and adaptors to make things work.
  25 Mar 2015 Meridian Downpipe screw holes now plastered over. Had to order Night 'n' Day metre from Meridian, what we previously had but builder use Contact Energy and the installed Economy 24 metre. - Is nothing straight forward? we built like for like and installed under floor heating which needs Night'n'Day metre.
  26 Mar 2015 Conroy We move in today. Early start 8 am we moved out of flat with our basic possessions. Concrete still drying. Now we had no TV reception.
  27 Mar 2015 Wilpower Electrical
New aerial cable needed to establish reception.
Late again due 8-12 noon arrived 2:30 installed VSDL and removed crackle from phone line.
  30 Mar 2015 Conroy's Our stored Furniture is back today. Finally today we got our Container from storage exactly 40 weeks later just 10 weeks more than we were told. we now have everything in one places again feels good except the car, we are still waiting for concrete as instructed.
  2 Apr 2015 Concrete Concrete has been down 2 weeks now so finally able to put car in garage.
  10 Apr 2015 CCC  Code of Compliance issued today - so that completes a major part of the Rebuild.
  24 Apr 2015 Designer Dirt Lawn was laid  in the front - looking good
  28 Apr 2015 City Care No access to property during day for the last week, while curb and channeling is being replaced, we hope to have concrete in today.
  3 Jun 2015 Lounge Window Lounge window replaced 3 imperfections in the glass
  9 Jun 2015 Road Closed The Road is finally open for the first time since we moved back - what a relief!
  18 Jun 2015 Maintenance Period It is 3 months since we moved in and Maintenance List has been sent to Golden Homes. Generally minor in nature.
  19 Jun 2015 Golden Homes GH Project Manager visited and fixed may of smaller problems, followed by several tradesman over next week. We now have 1/3 of problems resolved.
  14 Jul 2015 Golden Homes Email saying most items take 4 to 6 weeks - well that took 5 months to complete
  25 Nov 2015 Everyone The final things on our Maintenance List were completed. Now the house is really ours!
Rules have changed yet again - Now you are given a builder, with the choice of another if you don't agree. Southern Response have 10 builders of choice.

BUT THEN we were told  by the Project Manager was go at look at Show Homes and see what you like, so we did. We built a new house 14 years ago so we were keen to see what was new and innovative, what had changed how things could be done better. Generally what we found was same as, same as, oh a gimmick here and a gimmick there but when you asked for lighting, insulation, double glazing, floor slabs concrete, framing timber nothing had changed.

Then we found Golden Homes,

  • Framing is steel lighter and stronger than timber,
  • Thermal Break double glazing standard every other builder said it was extra - break between inside and out frame giving better insulation
  • Latest LED lights throughout energy saving and able to have insulation over units unlike other lights that need batts cut away.
  • Keyless entry standard
  • New liner in roof replacing standard black building paper
  • Insulated garage door
  • Steel frame wrapping in insulation as well as batts in walls
  • Thicker grade of batts in ceiling
  • Rib raft floors are standard but we will need TC3 adaption
  • Soft close drawers and cupboards
  • Eco shower heads